Sometimes you have a well crafted movie and sometimes you just have a very captivating story. Every once in awhile you have both on the same project…..that is the case with Spotlight. It tells the true story of how the Boston Globe uncovered a horrific scandal of child-molestation by priests in the catholic church. Not to mention the cover-up that was being done by the higher ups within the church. The film has a large and amazing cast: Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams, Liev Shrieber, and Stanley Tucci…..all are terrific here, but what is even more amazing is how well balanced each character is within the story. There is no way you could watch this movie and not think of the great 1976 film All The Presidents Men. And that is ok, because both films are powerful and important…..much like the truth each film is trying to uncover. This is one of 2015’s best films. Do me a favor…..skip church next Sunday and go check out Spotlight.

4 Jaws out of 4! – Ry The Movie Guy

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