Armando Bo best known for co-writing the 2014 Best Picture Winner Birdman gives us a dark dramedy about a man looking for a new Kidney. We first meet Antonio, the father of two, in a very happy state. In a long tracking shot reminiscent of Birdman, we see his family getting ready to start a typical day. This may be the only “typical” part of the entire film. Antonio needs a new kidney and after two years of dialysis he has become frustrated. This frustration and fear of waiting forces him to the black market where he meets a young couple willing to help. Giving up a kidney comes with a cost and that cost seems to keep going up. Armando Bo piles on the layers in this story. Everyone and every aspect of Antonio’s life becomes effected by the decisions he makes. Hats off to Guillermo Francella who plays Antonio. He displays so much internal thinking and emotion on screen it draws us all in. Dark, compelling, funny, there is a lot to talk about when the light come up from this one.

Part of our ongoing coverage of the 2018 Chicago International Film Festival
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