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Lets get Mid West!

This week on CinemaJaw we stay close to home (but outside of Chicago) as we cover our favorite Midwestern films (NOT Chicago Films, since we have covered that a bunch). Aside from cornfields, cornfields, and Chicago the Midwest is a veritable hotbed of cinema. Spawning many an unlikely Hollywood blockbuster, as we learned this episode.

welcome to the heartland - map of the midwest

Welcome to the heartland

Our guest is a local dynamo and a spitfire powerhouse of Midwest film knowledge,  Mr. Mike McNamara. It makes sense that he is too, because Mac (his nickname) is the co-founder and director of the Midwest Independent Film Festival. So this guy really knows his stuff! What follows is one of the most hilarious and energetic episodes of CinemaJaw to date. Midwestern style!

CinemaJaw with Mike McNamara

CinemaJaw with Mike McNamara

Reviewed this episode: Evil Dead, The Place Beyond the Pines, The Paperboy
CinemaWAR: Wesley Snipes Comeback
I for an I: Oblivion
Trivia: Tom Cruise – Morgan Freeman Movie Trivia

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