I am not an animal!

Bust out your whips and chains this week, because the CinemaJaw Circus is in town, we ain’t clownin around here. The boys are wrestling bears, and sticking their heads into the mouths of our favorite Animal Movies. Joining us is a lion tamer of a Producer over at The Onion, Mr. Gus Spelman, his new series of video for the Onion can be seen here. Gus and the boys dangle the fishies in front of the movie porpoises and coax an amazing episode into its cage.

Also new is our engineer Eliaz Rodriguez!

Take a listen to this beast of an episode as you digest that turkey.

I for an I: The Life of Pi, Hitchcock
Reviewed This Episode: The Phantom Toll Booth, Lincoln, Rock of Ages, My Sisters Sister
CinemaWAR: Red Dawn remake, good idea or not?

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