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Reviewed: The Flash, Elemental
Trivia: “Flash” Movie Trivia
Celebrating This Month: Jennifer Lawrence

This week on CinemaJaw we celebrate our NEW STUDIO with a double feature review and celebration of the Best / Worst movies in a particular category. On the review docket: the latest DCEU film, The Flash, and Disney/Pixar’s latest, the long-awaited Elemental. Could we be dealing with a Best/Worst right there?

We mentioned the new studio. We couldn’t be more excited. Please let us know what you think of the audio and plenty of upgrades planned soon. You know we also play trivia and celebrate Jennifer Lawrence all month. So sit back and enjoy!

Best/Worst Movies

DCEU – Matt

  • Best: Wonder Woman
  • Worst: Justice League


  • Best: Wonder Woman
  • Worst: Suicide Squad

PIXAR – Matt

  • Best: Inside Out
  • Worst: Brave


  • Best: Inside Out
  • Worst: Finding Dory

Jennifer Lawrence – Matt

  • Best: American Hustle
  • Worst: X-Men Apocalypse

Jennifer Lawrence – Ry

  • Best: American Hustle
  • Worst: Passengers
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