I was overly excited when I heard that Joaquin Phoenix was going to be starring in Woody Allen’s latest movie. I am sorry to report this is a Woody Allen movie you can skip. Phoenix plays a college professor who comes to a new university depressed and not interested in anything going on in his life. He meets a another professor played by Parker Posey and a student played by Emma Stone, both of who are infatuated by him, but neither excite him. Finally after over hearing a random conversation something sparks in him. He decides to help a lady out who he does not know by killing someone for her. The way the story unfolds is a mess which shocks me coming from the “Woodman” – Piling on the negativity: the performances from both Stone and Phoenix are pathetic. When you make 45+ movies you are going to have some misses – this is a big miss by Woody Allen.

1 Jaw out of 4 – Ry The Movie Guy

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