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Fee Fi Fo Fum…

There is a shadow that lurks in the corners of your mind. It lingers just beyond cracked open doors waiting to strike. It is the deep and primal fear of being devoured by MONSTERS! We all learn to deal with these feelings at an early age, yet somehow they never fully go away. Some people deal with it by writing stories, about the boogie men, the towering beasts, the drooling creatures. Some deal with it by watching these stories play out on the silver screen!

The tradition of monster movies goes way back to the birth of Hollywood. King Kong, Godzilla, Dinosaurs, etc. and into it’s Golden Age with the Universal Monsters: Fank, Drac, Mum, etc. This tradition continues to this very day with some fantastic modern entries into the genre. Matt and Ry knew that if they were traverse these fish-man infested waters they would need help…
Enter Todd Milano and Jason Deeble Programmer and Artist (respectively) of daily monster themed web comic With the help of Jason and Todd this monster squad will tackle the Best Monster Movies of All Time! Just in time for Halloween! Yay!

Reviewed This Episode: Trollhunter, Drive, Nowhere Boy
I for an I: Paranormal Activity 3, Marcy Martha May Marlene
CinemaWAR: Will the Avengers be a blockbuster or a bust?

Sponsor: Please visit Evil Squirrel Comics in Chicago, or online, for the best deals on comic books around!

CinemaJaw is planning something very special for it’s upcoming 100th Episode!

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