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Happy Birthday Matt K!

Birthdays, we all have ’em. Once a year we turn the page and count one extra candle. For most it is a day of happy celebration, for some it is a day to be loathed. Here on CinemaJaw we love birthdays, and we decided to celebrate our very own Matt K’s special day with an episode dedicated to Birthday Movies. So, happy birthday Matt, as a gift you get one of the toughest lists we have ever had to come up with on CinemaJaw! Let it be known that this may be (at the time of this post) a CinemaJaw Exclusive, because in our research we found NO other Birthday Movie top lists. Leave it to us to break new ground.

It also must be noted officially in our post that we recorded this episode just an hour or so after the news about Steve Jobs passing broke. It weighed heavily on us as we recorded, especially given the topic, and light hearted nature of CinemaJaw. However, we believe that while Steve may not have given us podcasting, he certainly perfected and popularized it. What better way to honor him than by continuing to produce great content for the great platform that he created? This episode of CinemaJaw is dedicated to Steve Jobs.

Reviewed This Episode: Moneyball (2nd oppinion)
I for an I: The Big Year
CinemaWAR: Is Summer Movie season better than Fall Movie season?

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CinemaJaw is planning something very special for it’s upcoming 100th Episode!

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