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It’s CinemaJaw! This is an episode we’ve been drooling to do for a while now… Our Top 5 Food Movies! A big part of the movie going experience involves our stomachs. From the popcorn and candy to the hot dogs and nachos, to the dinner date before or (best when) after a movie! Clarence and Alabama always liked to have a slice of pie after a Sonny Chiba picture. Whatever your personal traditions are surrounding the movies, there is no doubt food’s involved.

When we cover a topic this important, it’s imperative that we get the experts, and we did! Bill and Archie from Chicago Foodcast have survived WingFest, they have survived Bacon Fest, they have survived Sausage Fest… And now it’s time to see if they can survive the CinemaJaws! Spoiler alert, yes they can! Bill and Archie start off with an appetizer of I for an I, enjoy a savory main course of the Top List then chow on some Guest vs. Host trivia, followed up with a heaping portion of Hollywood Headlines and plenty of other goodies for desert.

Burp… This episode will leave you satisfied. Until next week at least!

Reviewed this episode: Paul, the Help
I for an I: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
CinemaWAR!: Should Hollywood keep producing remakes?

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