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There were so many wonderful performances in 2022, rather than list them all on one episode, we have broken them up into two constituents. This week we take a look at the Best Female Performances of 2022!

Joining us is a guest who sits close to the screen.

Her website bio reads: Cati Glidewell is a Chicago-based freelance film journalist and reviewer. She is also so much more! Cati can usually be found (as her name would suggest) somewhere near the front and center at nearly every press screening she can attend, rocking her namesake blonde hair and red spectacles. We ask Cati about changing her hair, her seating habits as well as her list of Top 5 Female Performances of 2022.

Cati was in attendance with Matt and Ry at the first screening of 2022, killer android horror/comedy M3GAN. Listen to the three critics’ render opinions. Will they agree?

All of that, plus the usual games and segments. TAKE A LISTEN!

Top 5 Female Performances of 2022

5.) Michele Williams – Mrs. Fableman
4.) Janelle Monea – Glass Onion
3.) Mia Goth – Pearl/X
2.) Jenny Slate – Marcell the Shell
1.) Jamie Lee Curtis – Everything Everywhere All at Once

5.) Mia Goth – Pearl/X
4.) Michelle Yeoh – Everything Everywhere All at Once
3.) The Cast – Women Talking
2.) Hong Chau – The Whale
1.) Rebecca Hall – Resurrection

5.) Lashana Lynch – The Woman King
4.) Mia Goth – Pearl/X
3.) Emma Thompson – Good Luck To You Leo Grande
2.) Margot Robbie – Babylon
1.) Michelle Yeoh/Cate Blanchette – Everything Everywhere All at Once/Tar

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