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This week on CinemaJaw we stick the proverbial fork into 2022 because it’s done. At least, until Oscar time. We wrap up this past year in film with a look at the guys, the Best Male Performances of 2022. These leading and supporting men lit up the silver screen in 2022 and left us affected!

David J. Fowlie, a fellow film critic and friend of the show from based in Chicago, has joined us. You can find his reviews, interviews, art, and thoughts on his Twitter account. Matt K., Ry the Movie Guy, and David combine their powers to distill the perfect three lists of Best Male Performances.

As usual, there are a few reviews to boot! The lads tackle the latest in the “All-On-Screens” genre, MISSING. As well as a review of The Pale Blue Eye.

Stick this in your ear immediately!

Top 5 Male Performances of 2022

5.) Sam Rockwell – See How They Run
4.) Chris Evans – The Grey Man
3.) N.T. Rama Rao & Ram Charan – RRR
2.) Nicolas Cage – Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent
1.) Colin Ferrell – Banshees of Inirsherin

5.) Matthew Maher – Funny Pages
4.) Brian Tyree Henry – Causeway
3.) Jack Lowden – Benediction
2.) Colin Ferrell – Banshees of Inisherin
1.) N.T. Rama Rao – Ram Charan – RRR

5.) Ralph Fiennes – The Menu
4.) Austin Butler – Elvis
3.) Ke Huy Quan – Everything Everywhere All At Once
2.) Eddie Redmane – The Good Nurse
1.) Paul Mescal – Aftersun

A special reminder to JawHeads: Check out Pfil’s YouTube Channel called Art’s Cliffhouse.

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