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Review(s): Elvis, Brian and Charles
Celebrating This Month: Laura Dern
Trivia: Tricky Tom Hanks Stump the Kubinski
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This week on CinemaJaw we have two reviews and two filmmakers to interview!

Strawberry Mansion is a 2021 American science fiction adventure romantic comedy film directed and written by Albert Birney and Kentucker Audley and stars the latter. It centers around a tax man conducting an audit, only this is the future and dreams are what’s taxed. When he comes across an eccentric artist whose dreams he must inspect the tax man begins to fall in love, but others want to destroy the dreams that he is seeking to preserve.

The film is one of those ” the less you know going in” sorts. One to be experienced. Lucky for you we have the two filmmakers on the episode to discuss the finer details.

Additionally, we bring you two reviews this week. The latest Tom Hanks joint, Elivs, and a quirky little indie movie about a man and his robot Brian and Charles.


Discussion Questions

Elvis Discussion-

Best Elvis Movies:
Ryan: Elvis & Nixon
Matt: True Romance

Movies that Capture the 60s:
Matt: Edward Scissorhands
Ryan: Forrest Gump

Underrated Tom Hanks Films:
Matt: Finch
Ryan: Road to Perdition

Brian and Charles Discussion –

Best Human/Robot Duos:
Matt: Batteries Not Included
Ryan: Robot and Frank

Best Overcoming the Bully Movies:
Matt: Back To The Future
Ryan: Back To The Future

Best Crazy Inventor:
Ryan: Honey I Shrunk The Kids
Matt: Dr. Horrible’s Singalong Blog

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