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Reviewed: @Zola
Retro Review: Van Wilder
Trivia: Stump the Kubinski – MCU Edition
Celebrating This Month: Ryan Reynolds
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This week on CinemaJaw we tweet up a storm, as we discuss the latest from A24, based on a series of tweets, @Zola. Of course, that leads us down the rabbit hole on Stripper Movies, Underworld Movies, and A24 itself!

Not to mention, we wrap up the month-long celebration of Ryan Reynolds with a retro review of Van Wilder. Does it hold up? Did it ever?

Find out! Listen!

Best Stripper Movies –
Matt: Showgirls
Ryan: Magic Mike

What makes an Underworld Movie –
Matt: The language
Ryan: Quirky Dirtbags & A world hiding in plain sight

Underworld Topics –
Matt: John Wick
Ryan: Eastern Promises

Top 3 A24 films –

1.) Last Black Man in San Francisco
2.) Midsommer
3.) 8th Grade

1.) Ex Machina
2.) Lady Bird
3.) Under the Skin

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