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Reviewed: Luca
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CinemaWAR: Moana vs. Finding Nemo
Celebrating This Month: Ryan Reynolds
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Welcome to another exciting episode of CinemaJaw! This week we try something new on the show – NO TOP 5 LIST! I know, I know… whatever will we do? In lieu of the standard segment we are opening the floor to a guided film discussion after the main review.

You know we’d need to do something like this with an old friend.

Joining us for his umpteenth time is a friend of the show, filmmaker, festival curator, and the guy who was our VERY FIRST guest ever… Charles Klein. We find out what Chuck was up to during the pandemic, how his festival Docs on the Fox is holding up, and generally catch up. He is also the perfect person to have a film discussion with!

Give it a listen!

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