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Reviewed: Frozen 2, Knives Out
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Sisters stick together! This week on CinemaJaw we take a look through film to find the Top 5 Movie Sisters.

Joining us is Eddie Linker of the Chicago based non-profit Elevated Films. Elevated Film’s mission is to raise awareness and promote the arts in Chicago neighborhoods in a way that is approachable and affordable for everyone. They show Independent Films at various rooftop venues throughout the city – promoting Chicago Film, community, and the arts. A low admittance fee is charged to help defer expenses to operate, and all net profits are donated to a variety of Chicago’s youth arts programs.

So call your sis, and listen to this podcast!

Top 5 Moive Sisters

5. Alison and Debbie Scott (Knocked Up)
4. Katniss and Prim (Hunger Games)
3. Jean Meyerowitz (The Meyerowitz Stories)
2. Princess Leia (Star Wars saga)
1. Nebula and Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy)

5. Thelma & Louise
4. Sixteen Candles
3. League Of Their Own
2. Your Sister’s Sister
1. Happy Christmas

5. Lisbon Sisters (The Virgin Suicides)
4. Sunshine Cleaning
3. Your Sister’s Sister
2. Meet Me in Saint Louis
1. Hannah And Her Sisters

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