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Reviewed: Richard Jewel, The Irishman
I for an I: Jumanji: Next Level
Trivia: Jumanji Trivia

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There was a time when 3 hour movies were considered seriously epic in the litteral sense of the word. Today it seems to be slightly more commonplace. Which flys in the face of the adage that we are living in a “short attention span” era. Perhaps we are, but these short attention spans are left at the concession stand, they do not follow into theater seats and luckily they do not follow into earbuds either. This week on CinemaJaw we take a look at the best Long (3 hours +) Movies.

We also have a couple of big reviews! Richard Jewel from Clint Eastwood, and crime epic The Irishman from Martin Scorsese. Both epic in thier own right!

So sit on back and relax. Hear yourself an epic podcast!

Top 5 Long Movies

5: Braveheart
4: Schindler’s List
3: Deerhunter
2: Ghandi
1: Lord of The Rings: Return of the King

5: The Best of Youth
4: Magnolia
3: Once Upon a Time in America
2: Titanic
1: The Right Stuff

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