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Reviewed this episode: John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum
Interested or Ignore: Brightburn
Trivia: Bright/Burn movie Trivia
Sponsored by: Lagunitas

Kids are sweet, innocent, cute and loveable… except when they aren’t. This week, in honor of the new film Brightburn, we are taking a look at Rotten Kids in Film. This is CinemaJaw’s chance to shout “get offa my lawn!” at those damn teenagers in our collective minds.

Joining us is a guy who is no rotten kid. Nick Quah started what has become the preeminent newsletter for the “inside baseball” scoop on the podcast industry, called Hot Pod. His background is especially well tailored for the task of being one of the best investigative journalists in the podspace – including writing stints at Business Insider, BuzzFeed, and Panoply Media. If you are searching for the best news on podcasting… here it is.

In addition to our chat with Nick and our Top 5 Rotten Kids, we have a review of the new John Wick film complete with a post-credits Spoiler Lounge. It’s a jam-packed jaw as always!


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