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This week on CinemaJaw we are a bunch of lunatics as we check out the dark side… and the light side of The Moon. The Moon is so vital to life on Earth, yet so remote we easily take it for granted. More than just a sky decoration The Moon has its own rich history in culture and stories, and movies! So Matt Ry and guest Charles Klein take a rocket ship to check out the craters and the beauty of Moon Moives! Of course we are doing this in honor of new film Apollo 11, a celebration of the 50 year anniversary of human’s first Moon landing.

I mentioned a guest. Charles Klein will be familiar to JawHeads, as he was our first ever guests, and makes fairly regular appearances on the show. Lately, he has become the creator, director, and programmer of a wonderful short documentary film festival Docs on the Fox. So Chuck returns to promote a new season of short docs, and brings his own lunar list.


Top 5 Moon Movies

5.) Moonraker
4.) Man on the Moon
3.) Despicable Me
2.) The Wolfman
1.) Wallace and Gromit: A Grand Day Out

5.) Apollo 13
4.) A Trip to the Moon
3.) Destination Moon
2.) For all Man Kind
1.) 2001: Space Odessy

5.) Oblivion
4.) A Trip to the Moon
3.) Avatar
2.) The last man on the Moon
1.) Moon

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