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Reviewed this episode: Captain Marvel
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Incognito, disguised, characters in film must often employ deception to achieve their goals both good and evil. Sometimes the disguise is a major plot reveal, and sometimes its a means to an end, driving a story forward. This week on CinemaJaw we take off our masks as we explore our Top 5 Characters in Disguise!

Joining us again is local luminary and a huge movie fan, Elliott Bambrough!  Elliott is the 6 time Emmy award winning host of Chicago’s Best on WGN.
When he’s not eating his way across Chicago, he’s probably watching a movie, or walking his dogs, or watching a movie with his dogs. The guy loves movies!

So peel off your mask, put aside the pollyjuice potion, feel free to be yourselves! It’s time for another great ‘Jaw!

Top 5 Characters in Disguise

5.) Harry Potter Series – Wormtail
4.) The Mask – The Mask
3.) Mrs. Doubtfire – Mrs. Doubtfire
2.) Face Off – Sean Archer/Castor Troy
1.) Princess Bride – Wesley the Farmboy

5.) Usual Suspects – Verbal Kint
4.) Fight Club – Tyler Durden
3.) Psycho – Norman Bates
2.) V – V for Vendetta
1.) Anakin Skywalker – Empire Strikes Back

5.) Shakespeare in Love – Viola de Lesseps
4.) Sean of the Dead – Zombie disguises
3.) Series of Unfortunate Events – Count Olaf
2.) Under the Skin – The Alien
1.) Some Like it Hot

elliot’s social:
Facebook – Elliott Bambrough
Twitter and Insta – @E2thebam

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