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The Art department is to film what the Tech department is to theater. Often overlooked but integral to the success of the production. The director has a vision, and the cinematographer filters that through the lenses, but the Art Director or Production Designer (as they are sometimes known) GIVES them the actual physical objects to photograph. This week on CinemaJaw we turn over the stone as we take a look at the best Art Direction in Film.

Joining us is a man who knows the topic well.

Meinert Hansen is a Canadian illustrator and concept artist. He has worked on a number of successful film such as District 9, 300, The Spiderwick Chronicles, and most recently Arrival. He is also a filmmaker in his own right, taking home the honors of being an official selection of the Straight 8 Competition. Check out his 2017 entry, made with his brother Gunnar, below.

the homestretch – a straight 8 film by gunnar hansen & meinert hansen from straight eight on Vimeo.

PLUS! As a special bonus for the JawHeads, Ry the Movie Guy was able to go out to see Good Time and then have a sit down and interview the Directors the Safdie Bros!

Have yourself a listen to the Jaw while you draw us a picture.

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