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We are lucky to live in a great city. Chicago is great for a number of reasons, film criticism included, but one of the best reasons is… The Theater!


In addition to the anchors like The Steppenwolf, and The Chicago Theater, there are numerous storefront theaters that pepper the streets of our burg. The obvious connection to film and acting is well known, and a great deal of Chicago’s stage stars come from, or go on to the silver screen.


This week we are taking a look at the best films ABOUT the Theater. That magical place behind the curtain. The long running Raven Theater is one of the best in the City, and we were honored to be there this past week to record an interview with the perfect guest for the topic. Mike Menendian is a co-founding member of Raven Theater, where he has directed and designed many of the productions. Mike was kind enough to host CinemaJaw at the Raven Theater, located at 6157 N. Clark Street, in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago. We got to record this episode literally on the stage at the Raven, and it was a great treat! Enjoy!

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