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Reviewed This Episode: Pixels, End of the Tour, Irrational Man
I for and I: Fantastic Four
CinemaWAR: Since 1996 which is the better spy series: Mission Impossible or Bond?
Trivia: Vacation Movie Series Trivia
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There are movies that you know, and movies that you don’t know, then there are movies that you should know but don’t.  These could be hidden gems, obscure treasures, or stuff that has been forgotten over time. This week we are recalling these films in grand fashion. Joining us is a man who we consider podcasting royalty! One half of the on-mic talent behind one of the best podcasts in the world (consistently ranked among iTunes Top 10 Podcasts) Stuff You Should Know. Hence our topic du jour.


If you listen to Stuff You Should Know, chances are good that you have heard Chuck mention his love of movies. Though they have explored the topic on his show in various ways, we thought it was high time that he let his film flag fly and get to have an unbridled discussion about his favorite flicks! And, oh did we!

It was a genuine treat to talk to Chuck Bryant. We hope you enjoy our chat!

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