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Who’s your daddy?

red-necktie-250x383Happy Father’s Day from CinemaJaw! This week we decided to take a look at that important, oft overlooked, necktie receiving figure in our lives… The Dad. Anyone can be a father, but it takes a true man to be a dad. Dads will go to the ends of the earth to protect and provide for their family. While none of these men are perfect and dads can be flawed, they do try to overcome. In the movies it’s the same. Dads can be hilarious and terrifying and often must be both to be successful characters. Whew, it’s a tough job! We need a great guest to help us sift through this.

Welcome Mr. Matty “Ballgame” Robinson who you may know as the co-host of the WBEZ radio show Filmspotting.  In September 2007  Matty began co-hosting duties full-time.  On September 24, 2011, during the airing of Filmspotting episode #365, it was revealed that Robinson would be leaving the show. For those of you not doing the math, that is nearly 200 episodes of a great movies radio show/podcast. So Matty knows a thing or two. He also taught film at the University of Chicago!! Currently he continues to live the dream by acting and working on his website full-time. I think we found ourselves a GREAT guest!


In addition to our Movie Dads, we have our patented segments: I for an I (Interested or Ignore), CinemaWAR, Trivia, a brand new CinemaRiddle and a whole lot more. So don’t forget to give your dad a call this weekend and maybe take him to the movies!

Reviewed this episode: Before Midnight, Francis Ha, Warm Bodies
CinemaWAR: Will Amy Adams be able to fill the shoes of Margot Kidder as Lois Lane? 
I for an I: Man of Steel
Trivia: Superman Movie Trivia


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