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With the 2012 apocalypse looming less that a quarter away, we decided it was time for CinemaJaw to  get right with the higher power and cover our top 5 Religious Movies, although Matt’s list is sure to send him to… well it’s a heck of a list. The topic is quite genre crossing, from comedy to horror, it seems that religious themes can permeate through all tropes, and quite a few are mentioned.

Joining us is none other than the Zeus of cinema podcasting himself, a podfather, an O.G., Mr. Adam Kempenaar of the highly acclaimed film podcast and radio show, Filmspotting. Adam, a hero of the show, joins us this whole episode and lends his top list talents to the cast.

In addition to the list, we go I for an I on a new movie coming out, play some trivia (in which Matt is outgunned), and rack up another CinemaWAR! We pray you wont miss this awesome episode!

I for an I: The Master
Reviewed This Episode: Lawless, Silent House, Killer Joe
CinemaWAR: Who has the beter career at this point. Matt Damon or Ben Affleck?
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