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Gonna go back in time.

The 1980s were a special time. Day-glow and cyberpunk, the 80s had a flavor of optimism and decay. Many movie genres hit a stride in the 80s such as Slasher, Sci-Fi, Action, but none more so than Comedy.

Comedies in the 80s felt effortless and genuine, and consistently hillarious. It was the beginning of the SNL films, and titans like Dangerfield, Chase, Murray and Aykroyd loomed large on the silver screen. This week on CinemaJaw we dip our toes into the 80s Comedy Exto-Cooler and pick out our favorite entries. We will need a copilot in this dilorian. Enter Martin Marrow, Chicago stand up comedian, and film major. Martin will help the boys sift through the Baby Ruths floating in the pool and unearth the real genius. Take a listen.


I for an I: Lawless
Reviewed This Episode: Beasts of the Southern Wild, Galaxy of Terror, The Flowers of War
CinemaWAR: Zach Galifinakis Vs. Bradley Cooper
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