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This week on CinemaJaw the boys take on an art project. Before we see the trailer, and long before we see the film, we see the infamous Movie Poster! It is the first image and first impression that gets us riled up to see those popcorn killers. As you can guess, getting the movie poster right is absolutely critical and lots of time and money go into these works of art. Many poster are just recycled crap design, but this week on CinemaJaw we highlight the BEST OF THE BEST! So many of us take these “marketing materials” as ephemeral junk, to be discarded and replaced by the next, not respecting the connection they have not only to art and cinema but also history. Sadly many are lost.

Enter this weeks guest: rescuer of history, and owner of one of the most valuable movie poster collections in the world, Mr. Dwight M. Cleveland. A man who has literally saved historical (and highly collectible) movie posters from the scrap heap. Dwight tells us all about his museum worthy collection, finding posters in strange places and his ultimate goal of finding a new and worthy home for his archive. In addition to that we have our placard gallery of segments: I for an I, Reviews, News, Trivia, CinemaWAR and a whole lot more.

Matt K. & Ry The Movie Guy’s poster picks are all readily available to view online, but Dwight’s are understandably a little more esoteric. So As promised in the episode, here they are: (NOTE – These are in NO PARTICULAR ORDER! You will have to listen to the episode to find out which is Dwight’s favorite!)

Put this episode in a frame and display it with pride!

Reviewed This Episode: Prometheus, Moonrise Kingdom, Coriolanus
Special Thanks to: Eliaz Rodriguez of Wood Sugars for Guest Producing this episode!
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