CinemaJaw 230, Best Ben Stiller Scenes w/guest Charles Klein

Reviewed This Episode: Cinderella
Trivia: Young Movie Trivia
CinemaWAR: Has will Ferrell jumped the shark?
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This week we are joined by Mr. Charles Klein to , discuss his 20th and final Indie Incubator Film Fest and some Ben Stiller…


After beginning his acting career with a play, Ben Stiller wrote several mockumentaries, and was offered his own show entitled The Ben Stiller Show, which he produced and hosted for its 13-episode run. He began acting in films; he made his directorial debut with Reality Bites. Throughout his career he has written, starred in, directed, and/or produced more than 50 films, including The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Zoolander, There’s Something About Mary, Meet the Parents, DodgeBall, Tropic Thunder, the Madagascar series, Night at the Museum, and its sequels Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian and Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. In addition, he has had multiple cameos in music videos, television shows, and films.


Stiller is a member of the comedic acting brotherhood colloquially known as the Frat Pack. His films have grossed more than $2.6 billion in Canada and the United States, with an average of $79 million per film.[2] Throughout his career, he has received multiple awards and honors, including an Emmy Award, multiple MTV Movie Awards, and a Teen Choice Award.

He also has a new film coming out called While We’re Young…

So this week we are going in depth on Ben Stiller.

CinemaJaw 200! Movie Celebrations with guest Charles Klein

Reviewed This Episode: Boyhood, Magic in the Moonlight
I for an I: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Trivia: Guardians of the Galaxy Cast Movie Trivia
CinemaWAR: Which band is due for a Hollywood biopic treatment, Guns -N- Roses or Nirvana?
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200Who’d a thunk it? 200 episodes of CinemaJaw are in the can!

It’s been a long road to get to this milestone, and on this special episode of CinemaJaw we talk about how we got here. Find out how Ryan and Matt met, and who the very first guest was. Find out how Eliaz was captured and lured into the Jawbox. Long time recurring guest and friend of the show Charles Klein is on hand to guide us on our way, and turn the microphones around and ask the boys a few questions about themselves.

Since it is a celebration, we also take a look at our top 3 Celebration Scenes from film, as well as hit our usual staples. I for an I, CinemaWAR, Trivia, you name it. We did it.

We wouldn’t have gotten here without you, the listener. Thanks to all the JawHeads who tune in each week, and thanks to our past guests who called in some funny and heartfelt voicemails to commemorate the occasion.

Take a listen… Thanks for listening… and here’s to 200 more!

Viva La Jaw!


CinemaJaw 170, Best Movie Battles w/guest Charles Klein

Reviewed this episode: Captain Phillips, Carrie
I for an I: Thor the Darkworld
Trivia: Dark Movie Trivia
CinemaWAR: Which Star Wars prequel is better, Phantom Menace or Attack of the Clones?

battleWe don’t have to beat them… we just have to fight!

Battles. Since the dawn of humanity, and probably long before, battles have raged. Glory, valor and justice can be found within. No one can deny the excitement of a great battle, the adrenaline and power they produce. While we do not celebrate war for wars sake, good vs. evil is an important fight and the escapism of movies can be a safe place to explore the horrors, comedies, and human experience of conflict. This week on CinemaJaw we take a look at our Top 5 Battle Scenes from film in honor of Thor and Ender’s Game in theaters this month.

Joining us, his shining armor highly polished is CinemaJaw regular guest, filmmaker and curator of Indie Incubator Film Fest, Mr. Charles Klein. for those of you who don’t know Chuck has been a guest many times on the ‘Jaw talking up his Film Fest, short films and various projects. We are happy to have him back on to battle with us!

speaking of battles, this weeks episode features a CinemaWAR for the ages plus I for an I, Trivia and a whole lot more. as Ry The movie Guy is fond of saying: It’s Jam Packed!

Cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the dogs of war!

CinemaJaw 143, Superhero Love Interests w/guest Charles Klein

All you need is love.

Mary Jane Kisses Spiderman

An Iconic Movie Moment

Love. Love is what brings us here today. A challenging love at that. As the age old adage goes, behind every great person is another. This week on CinemaJaw we take a look at Superhero Love Interests. These are the women (and men) who stand pillar like in support of the hero. They may or may not have powers of thier own, but they face the struggles both within the relationship and without. No great story is complete without a love, and these are the super ones.

Joining us is CinemaJaw’s own Superman, marking his 6th official appearance as guest, Mr. Charles Klein. Fresh off the set of his latest film our Chuck is promoting his upcoming premier and the upcoming Indie Incubator Film Fest! Also he knows a thing or two about superheroes and uses his X ray vision to see to the heart of this topic.

In addition to that we have all the usual side kicks: I for an I, Movie Trivia, CinemaWAR and a whole lot more. So wring out your tights and wear your underwear on the outside. It’s time to get super duper!

The Three Amigos Salute

The Three Amigos!

Reviewed this episode: Oz The Great and Powerful, Stone Cold Steve Austin The Bottom Line, Everything or Nothing, Liberal Arts, End of Watch
I for an I: The Place Beyond The Pines
Trivia: Tournament Movie Trivia

Happy Election Day!

Every four years our great nation participates in our great democratic act…electing the president. Polling places flood with the american masses each casting that ballot for their hopes, dreams and interests to be recognized. Truly it is a magnificent process to behold, at the end of which a triumphant great leader emerges. This year shall be no different.

The Commander In Chief has been portrayed on the silver screen since movies began. This week on the Jaw we take a look at our favorites and arguably the best to ever fill the fictitious Oval Office. These can be actors portraying both real and made-up presidents and several examples of each are given.

Joining us in this electoral episode is a great friend of the show, local Chicago filmmaker and Indie Incubator co-founder Mr. Charles Klein. Making his fifth appearance Chuck is our go-to guy an; d he has some wonderful new projects to plug.

In addition to all that, you will hear our cabinet of segments: I for an I, CinemaWAR, Trivia, PLUS we choose our fantasy pick for director of the new Star Wars films recently announced.

CinemaJaw for President!

I for an I: Lincoln, Skyfall
Reviewed This Episode: Cloud Atlas, Sessions, Cabin in the Woods
CinemaWAR: Who is the better actor, Marlon Brando or Daniel Day Lewis?

Now Streamin on Egen.Tv

Ok, Let’s get this out of the way… For the next few episodes at least, and possibly permanently, we are now recording LIVE before CAMERAS on EGen.Tv. This is episode is our first one in the new(?) space and there will be some growing pains. That being said, we think this episode turned out just perfect. We would VERY MUCH like to get your feedback on these next several episodes. What do you like, what could we do different or better, etc. Please do that by contacting us at MattAndRy[at]CinemaJaw[dot]com. We also hope you like looking at our ugly mugs. You can now watch CinemaJaw LIVE every Tuesday night at 8:30pm Chicago time at THIS LINK! Log in for free and tell us how our hair looks! We will also have links to downloadable video episodes SOON!

So in honor of our television debut, and 21 Jump Street coming up in theaters we decided we would take a look at The Best Movies Based on TV Shows. Who better to join us with all this new stuff going on than our go-to guy, Mr. Charles Klein! Its great to have Chuck on again as we forge ahead into new territory. Of course no CinemaJaw would be complete without CinemaWAR, I for an I, Hollywood Headlines, The CinemaJaw Movie Fact, and a whole lot of news and reviews! We even go Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, or some such nonsense. Its JAWTASTIC!

I for an I: 21 Jump Street
Reviewed This Episode: Undefeated, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, The Lorax, Tower Heist
CinemaWAR: Is the Hunger Games Over Hyped, or Will it be the Next Big Franchise?


Should we feel old?

Against all odds, and Reno’s better judgement, The Greatest Movies Podcast Ever: CinemaJaw has reached it’s landmark 100th episode! So this is a very special CinemaJaw indeed. For our first half, we reveiw some movies, go I for an I, and the usual. We also reflect back on what it has been like lo these 3 years of recording the podcast and even play a few of our favorite clips from the archives. Then… whooo nelly.

We threw an awesomely WEIRD party down at the Original Mother’s with some performances that, well… if you weren’t there you just cant imagine anyway. Then it was Matt K and Ry The Movie Guys turn to take the stage. Many of our close friends and past guests were in attendance and even comment on the two live segments. We have recorded it all and present it to you as our second half of our 100th Episode Extravaganza! We hope you enjoy it.

Thank you one and all for listening to us, here’s to 100, 200, 500 more! Viva la Jaw!

I for an I: The Vow
Reviewed This Episode: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
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CinemaJaw 87, In Depth – Brad Pitt

This one is for the ladies

Men dig him because he is a cool and brooding character with a mischievous darkness about him. Ladies dig him because, let’s face it, he is one of the Sexiest Men Alive. Of course we are talking about this weeks guest Charles Klein! Marking his 5th appearance on the show, Charles joins our Matt K and Ry The Movie Guy to discuss some dude named Brad. I think he’s an actor or something.

All kidding aside, Brad Pitt movies are an easy sell. Period. He is box office gold, and not just because he is a pretty face. The guy can act and takes on great roles, great scripts, and great directors. His career is long and we hope it will go on for years to come. So this week, with help from Charles, CinemaJaw takes an In Depth look into the career of Brad Pitt noting his Best, Worst and Most Underrated films along the way.

Also, ever-present are our staples I for an I, CinemaWAR, Guest Vs. Host Trivia and hilariousness! Remember the first rule of CinemaJaw Club… ALWAYS talk about CinemaJaw Club…. I think you can guess the second rule.

Reviewed This Episode: The Dept, Meek’s Cutoff
I for an I: 50/50
CinemaWAR: Is it time to dump Netflix?

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CinemaJaw is planning something very special for it’s upcoming 100th Episode!

Our good friend Charles Klein joins us once again to discuss Movie Sequels that SHOULD be Made but Haven’t.

Right Click (Tap and Hold on Android) on “download” below, then “save link as” to download.

ReleasedFeb 16, 2010

The biggest news this episode: WE ARE NOW ON STRANGER DAYS RADIO (!
That’s right, The Greatest Movies Podcast Ever is now syndicated alongside your pal and mine Danny Bonaduce! So expect some more exciting announcements in the next few episodes.  Also you may notice a format change. We are now keeping episodes at the 1 hour mark. We hope you like the new legnth. To be honest we are on the fence about it and welcome your feedback! so PLEASE…FEEDBACK!

Onto the episode description: This time out we have our first returning guest, Mr. Charles Klein of Film Beyond Studios here in Chicago. So we thought since he is our first returner what better topic than Sequels. Also hit are all the usual antics. Interested or Ignore, Movie Trivia with Matt K, Ry’s Hidden Gem and more.

Movies reviewed in this episode: Zombieland, Bright Star, Whip It
Hidden Gem: My Winnipeg
B Movie A List: Ice Pirates