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It’s that time of year! The time of year when every young kernel of popcorn can’t sleep nights for nightmares of hot butter baths. The time of year when the capes fly and the lazers crackle through the atmosphere. It’s time for the Summer Movie Season.

After a couple of years of truncated seasons, full of delayed movies, and a cobbled-together experience, it looks as if this season things are back to full force!

This week on CinemaJaw the guys each choose the three films they are most excited for this Summer Movie Season. No guest, no interview, just straight into it.


2022 Summer Movie Preview

3.) Cha Cha Real Smooth – June 17
2.) Marcell the Shell with Shoes On – July 24
1.) Thor Love and Thunder – July 8

3.) Shin Ultraman – May 13
2.) Nope – July 22
1.) Bullet Train – July 29

3.) Elvis – June 24
2.) Bodies Bodies Bodies – August 5
1.) Men – May 20

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