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Reviewed: Dear Evan Hansen, Cry Macho
Trivia: Woody Harleson Trivia
Celebrating This Month: Clint Eastwood
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Flying solo again this week, no guest, and we have a double dose of great reviews!

We are covering and discussing the emo high school musical, and coming of age tale Dear Evan Hansen. Additionally we will be discussing and reviewing the latest from actor/director, and cinema titan, Clint Eastwood, Cry Macho.

There will be Cowboys, Crying, Awkward Teens, Mental Health and Roosters… you know… like ya do.

Plug in the ‘Jaw and let’s talk some MOVIES!

Dear Evan Hansen Discussion

Best Mental Health Movies:
Matt: As Good as it Gets
Ryan: Spontaneous

Best recent Musicals:
Matt: A Star is Born
Ryan: La La Land

Best Awkward Teens:
Ryan: Napoleon Dynamite
Matt: American Beauty

Cry Macho Discussion:

Best Old Cowboy Movies:
Matt: True Grit
Ryan: Open Range

Best Strange Animal Companions:
Matt: Every Which Way but Loose
Ryan: Okja

Last Great Clint Eastwood Performances:
Matt: Million Dollar Baby
Ryan: Bridges of Madison County

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