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Reviewed: The Card Counter
Trivia: Clint Eastwood Movie Trivia
Celebrating This Month: Clint Eastwood
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This week we are taking a look at a few topics related to The Card Counter, including Squeamish Scenes… (shiver!).

Joining us…

Director/ Creator, Shaina Feinberg is a filmmaker from New York City. She specializes in micro-budget and DIY filmmaking. Her six-part digital series, DINETTE, which follows a group of female and gender-nonconforming friends, was produced by BRIC Arts Media, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival (2018) and was shouted out by New Yorker TV writer Emily Nussbaum. Season two of DINETTE stars Alysia Reiner (Orange Is the New Black), Lisa Haas (Search Party) and Maeve Higgins (Extra Ordinary) and is currently streaming, and being shown on terrestrial TV if you live in the NYC area.
We have a wonderful conversation with Shaina, and we highly encourage you to check out her work!
Plug in the earbuds and listen up!

Favorite Oscar Isaac Perfromances

Ex Machina

Inside Llewyn Davis

Ryan:Inside Llewyn Davis

Best Gambling Movie Moments

Rounders – Splash the Pot

Swingers – Double Down

Uncut Gems – Trifecta

Great Mysterious Characters in Movies

V – V for Vendetta

Henry Graham – A New Leaf

Anton – No Country for Old Men

Best Squeamish Scenes

Eye Splinter – Zombi

Tracheotomy – The Heat

Finger Nails – Syriana

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