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Reviewed: Ammonite, Nomadland
Top 5: Gary Oldman Scenes
Trivia: Saoirse Ronan/Kate Winslet Movie Trivia
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Aaaaand we are BACK! After a couple of weeks off CinemaJaw is back for the last few episodes of the year!

This week in honor of the new Gary Oldman film, Mank, we are taking a look at one of the greatest careers in film going today, as we choose our Top 5 Gary Oldman Scenes.

Joining us is a returning guest, Artist, Graphic Novelist, Filmophile, and friend: The Amazing Jim Terry! Jim is here to promote his new book Come Home, Indio – his memoir. We highly recommend you get yourself a copy today! Also, makes a great gift!

So sit back – plug in your earbuds – and CinemaJaw!

Top 5 Gary Oldman Scenes

5.) “I know I’m pretty” – True Romance
4.) Calm before the storm – Leon: The Professionalonal
3.) Sirus Finds Harry – Prisoner of Azkaban
2.) My Way – “Sid and Nancy”
1.) The Hero we need – The Dark Knight

5.) The Composition – Immortal Beloved
4.) Any with Sean Penn – State of Grace
3.) “Been wrong before” – Batman Begins
2.) Opening/Closing – Romeo is Bleeding
1.) Ghoulish Stalking – Bram Stoker’s Dracula

5.) Refueling Negotiations – Air Force 1
4.) Fighting the Pick – The Contender
3.) Death of Sirius Black – Order of the Pheonix
2.) Ode to Joy – Immortal Beloved
1.) The Hero we Need – The Dark Knight

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