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Reviewed: Mulan, I’m Thinking of Ending Things
Top 5: Disney Heroes
Trivia: Toni Collette Movie Trivia
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This week on CinemaJaw we take a look at the world-famous Disney hero. Perhaps no other film studio has so iconically captured folklore and legends and the Campbellian hero’s journey as Disney has. For decades they have taken forgotten heroes and spun hit after hit, with little exception. For better or for worse, Disney is a storytelling juggernaut. We make this examination in honor of one of our reviews this week, the live-action remake of Mulan.

Joining us is a Director, who knows a thing or two about heroes.

Melissa Thornley
‘s first yearnings to be involved in film were in the ’80s, fueled by seeing her life captured (sometimes pretty accurately) by John Hughes. She switched from being a journalism major to Spanish after seeing !Atame! (Tie Me Up Tie Me Down) by Almodovar, a film which made her move all the way to Spain to chase its beauty.

After a few years working as a copywriter, she decided to go back to film school at Columbia College. During her one semester there, she wrote film reviews for the Columbia Chronicle, sat next to Roger Ebert at the screening of The English Patient, then dropped out of film school after meeting a film editor while waiting tables at Club Lucky in Bucktown. After years in post-production, Melissa is sitting in the directors chair for the first time on her feature-length documentary on Andre Williams, currently in production.

As a former critic herself, Melissa joins us on both reviews this week, including the New Charlie Kaufman film, I’m Thinking of Ending Things.

So sit back and relax, do the dishes, workout, keep your eyes on the road, or whatever you like to do as you listen to…



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