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It’s the most wonderful time… of the year! CinemaJaw is doing it’s Top 10 films of the year with special guest Brian Tallerico!

It has been one heck of a great year in film, perhaps the best in the decade we have been recording this podcast… perhaps. This week, as is our tradition, we sit down with Brian Tallerico and go over our Top 10 favorite films this year.

Brian has had a load of personal and professional developments since last year, best summarized by his Twitter bio thusly: CFCA President – Editor  – Bylines at Vulture, NYTimes, AVClub, Rolling Stone – Producer Chicago Critics Film Festival – Not Vince Gilligan. That last bit is the really important takeaway.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays JawHeads!!

Top 10 of 2018

(WARNING Spoilers below! Listen to the episode first if you like surprises) 

10.) Hereditary
9.) A Star is Born
8.) 3 Identical Strangers
7.) Spiderman: Into The Spider-Verse
6.) Black Panther
5.) You Were Never Really Here
4.) Eighth Grade
3.) Won’t You Be My Neighbor
2.) Roma
1.) Mandy

10.) Sorry to Bother You
9.) You Were Never Really Here
8.) Shoplifters
7.) Annihilation
6.) Ballad of Buster Scruggs
5.) Widows
4.) Burning
3.) Leave No Trace
2.) If Beale Street Could Talk
1.) Roma

10.) Destroyer
9.) Spiderman: Into The Spider Verse
8.) Mandy
7.) The Favorite
6.) If Beale Street Could Talk
5.) First Man
4.) Private Life
3.) Annihilation
2.) Blackkklansman
1.) Roma

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