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Hard to imagine (or sadly maybe it isn’t) a time when interracial couples were not only frowned upon but even illegal in some places! Even today there are social pressures from all sides and cultures to stay with tradition and only date within one’s race. While we certainly can respect traditions, but love wins and love is love no matter what. That’s why this week we are taking a look at the subject of Interracial Movies from as many angles as possible.

Joining us is a duo of filmmakers, George Ellzy & Cara Winter, who are currently in post-production on a project that does involve an interracial couple. DIVISION is a short film about a young, interracial couple who find themselves in a long-distance relationship…even though they live in the same city.  To tell you a little about the filmmakers – George Ellzey, Jr. is an actor, writer, and producer. Credits include Wait, I’m a Racist? (Rogue Shark Pictures), Off the Rails (Artigianale Films), the critically acclaimed Hellcab at The Den Theater, and producing Desperate, the TV series (RGE Entertainment). Cara Winter is a writer, director, and producer. As a screenwriter, Cara’s original TV pilot, Evolution, won 1st Prize in the 2015 People’s Pilot, and is now represented by the LA-based management firm Bohemia Group. Cara was also named one of ISA’s Top 100 Emerging Screenwriters of 2017.

Here is the trailer for DIVISION. We encourage you to support indie filmmaking in any way you can!

So love who you will JawHeads! And listen to great podcasts:

Top 5 Interracial Movies

5.) Hear no Evil, See no Evil
4.) Spanglish
3.) The Big Sick
2.) The Bodygaurd
1.) Get Out

George & Cara:
5.) Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (1967)
4.) Save the Last Dance
3.) Bend it Like Beckham
2.) Something New
1.) Corrina, Corrina

5.) Monster’s Ball
4.) Far from Heaven
3.) Intouchables
2.) 2 days in New York
1.) Loving

A special reminder to JawHeads: Check out Pfil’s YouTube Channel called Art’s Cliffhouse.

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