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Reviewed this episode: Cars 3 
(I for an I) Interested or Ignore: The Beguiled
Trivia: Nicole Kidman / Kirsten Dunst Movie Trivia
CinemaWAR: Is Micheal Bay a Good Action Film Director?
Sponsored by: Cards Against Humanity, Sarantos

Pixar has been a studio to reckon with since well before they became Disney Pixar. It could even be argued that the latter saved the former in many ways. Since the early 90’s Pixar has been delighting children and adults alike with its computer generated animated features, something which they pioneered which has since become commonplace. This week we are ranking Pixar, and giving you our Top 10 Pixar Films.

You might say that this episode is a Toy Story… because this week CinemaJaw hits the road and visits local gem of a toy, puzzle and game shop Cat and Mouse Games in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago. Jess Tylkowski, Store Manager, walks us through what makes a good game as well as recommends some games to fit our unique personalities. This is one room you will not want to escape from!

Solve another puzzling episode of CinemaJaw now!


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