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Reviewed this episode: Fish Tank, Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Men Tell No Tales, Alien Covenant 
(I for an I) Interested or Ignore: Wonder Woman
Trivia: Wonder Woman Movie Trivia
CinemaWAR: The Alien Franchise is slated for another 2 to 3 films according to Ridley Scott. Do these films have more to say, or should this series be put to bed?
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Mythology. The study of cultural myth. Myth, the stuff of legends, lends itself perfectly to film. Indeed many a Disney classic is based on a famous myth from one culture or another. Though perhaps the word most readily conjures up the classical Greek and Roman gods and demons, it can cover a wide swath. This week on CinemaJaw we get all Joseph Campbell on you as we tackle our favorite Mythological Movies. The subject of the films is mythological… not the films themselves… these are real movies… You know what we mean!

Joining us is a film advocate of mythological proportions. While it’s true we have had a Mythbuster on the show before, this week we welcome back Professor John Otterbacher (aka Professor O.). John Otterbacher splits his time between teaching and filmmaking. As a college instructor, Otterbacher has taught at a number of institutions and is currently coordinator for the Cinematography program at Tribeca Flashpoint College in Chicago. He is a board member and serves as Vice President for IFP Chicago and is a member of the Education Advisory Committee for Cinema/Chicago. More recently, John received his MFA in film from VCFA as part of the inaugural class there. Officially Limited and Father Burke’s Boss Battle are John’s most recent film projects. Moving Parts will be his fourth narrative feature. We talk all about this and more with friend of the show J.O.

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