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Reviewed this episode: The Lego Batman Movie
(I for an I) Interested or Ignore: Get Out
Trivia: Get Out Movie Trivia
CinemaWAR: Who is the more awkward high-schooler Max Fischer of Rushmore or Ron Weasley from Harry Potter? 
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We all love toys. It is a fascination that begins in early childhood, and persists through our lives to varying degrees. We imbue these inanimate objects with our fears and aspirations, our needs and desires. Our relationship with toys becomes more and more complex as we age. Naturally many films feature these relationships to toys prominently, and this week on CinemaJaw we aim to explore that.

Joining us: Chris Brown has been making award-winning features and documentaries in San Francisco for over a decade. His third feature, FANNY, ANNIE & DANNY (2010), won 16 awards internationally, was hailed as “an indie masterpiece” by THE HUFFINGTON POST and a “Critics’ Pick” by THE NEW YORK TIMES. A RIVER CHANGES COURSE, the groundbreaking feature documentary that Brown edited and associate produced, won 10 awards internationally, including the GRAND JURY AWARD at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE at the 2013 San Francisco Int’l Film Festival. Brown also edited and co-directed the environmental documentary THE NEXT FRONTIER, which won the 2011 Regional EMMY Award for BEST DOCUMENTARY. This is a filmmaker to watch! His latest film, The Other Kids, is billed as a daring mix of documentary and fiction – telling the stories of several high school aged teenagers. It can been seen at this year’s 25th Annual Florida Film Festival, competing in the narrative category. The Florida Film Festival is hosted by the South’s preeminent arthouse cinema, Maitland’s Enzian Theater.

So sit back and play with your favorite toy, as you listen –

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