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Reviewed This Episode: The Nice Guys, Wiener
(I for an I) Interested or Ignore: Alice Through the Looking Glass
CinemaWAR: Which is the better Hip Hop Film – Straight Outta Compton or 8 Mile?
Trivia: Ryan Gosling / Russell Crowe Movie Trivia

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Polymath Jensen Karp has a bizarre resume. Art dealer, producer, podcaster, former rapper and now add author to that list. His book “Kanye West Owes Me $300 (and other true stories from a white rapper who ALMOST made it big)” details Jensen’s journey through hip-hop and the music industry from ages 12-23, and contains many the crazy anecdote including the eponymous one about Kanye. We highly recommend you read it! Last time we had Jensen on he had hinted at this project, and we are pleased to get to take him up on his offer to return and pimp it!


Jensen is also a major fan of film and pop culture. Which comes to play as we go over our favorite Movies Set in the 70’s (in honor of The nice Guys).

So travel back with Jensen and the CinemaJaw dudes, and remember to Have A Nice Day!

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