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Welcome to the Jungle. It’s amazing how deeply embedded into our lizard brain the jungle is. It evokes emotions and lives within our imagination as a terrifying and amazing place full of potential adventures and death. The jungle has become a metaphor for life’s secrets, potential, troubles, and dark reaches. This week on CinemaJaw we bust out our machetes as we hack our way throught the bush and cover our Top Jungle Movies.


Joining us is a filmmaker, fresh off a Grand Jury win at The Atlanta Film Festival, Michael Curtis Johnson. Mike is making the circuit with his latest film Hunky Dory, about a glam rock dilettante who’s life takes a dramatic turn when his ex drops their 11-year-old son off at his apartment and vanishes. There’s a jungle in there somewhere… Metaphorically speaking. We talk filmmaking, festival going, and of course the jungle with Mike.

Hope you brought mosquito repellent… you’re gonna need it.

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