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Reviewed This Episode: The Big Short 
I for an I: The Hateful 8
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CinemaWAR: Is the Western Genre dead?
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We wish you all a Happy Holiday!

What a spectacular season for movies!! There is a new Star Wars and a Quentin Tarantino film out in theaters right now… What!?! It’s true. film fans everywhere, this galaxy and ones far far away, are stoked to get out to the theater for some of the best viewing in years. In fact, we are taking a look at QT’s best characters this week.

Joining us is filmmaker Katie Cokinos. Katie’s first feature, executive produced by Richard Linklater and entitled I DREAM TOO MUCH is currently on the festival circuit. We speak to Katie about her experience in film, feminine voice in film, filmmaking in general and all about her favorite QT characters.



So snuggle up with a hot cup of coco and enjoy!

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