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Reviewed This Episode: Straight Outta Compton
I for and I: Time Out of Mind
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Trivia: Fall Movie Trivia
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Fall Movies. This is when the heavy hitters start to drop. Oscar bait. Ry the Movie Guy awaits with pursed lips… Matt K. is waiting for next summer. This week on CinemaJaw we are taking a look at the season ahead in our Fall Movie Preview

Joining us on the phone is a man you may recognize by our handy little “What Is CinemaJaw” video at the top of our website. Comedy writer, actor, improv performer, sketch creator, one third of The Wood Sugars, Eliaz’s Brother… Donny Rodriguez.


In addition tot he above, and to elaborate: Donny Rodriguez is a freelance writer in Austin, TX via Chicago with a background in comedy and dyslexia.  He dabbles in screenplays, sketches, and TV script writing. He’s performed on national television, and has created podcasts, web series, and short films with the group Wood Sugars. We welcome Donny back to the show.

See you at the movies this Fall!

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