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Reviewed This Episode: Terminator Genisys, Ted 2
I for and I: Minions
Trivia: Stripper Movie Trivia

CinemaWAR: Which movie has the better motorcycle chase: T2 or Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade?
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He said he’d be back. Arnold Schwarzenegger is at it again, time travelin’ with a bunch of machines in the latest entry into the Terminator series. So this week we are choosing our favorite scenes from the entire series.


Joining us is a guest with a most impressive resume. Kenny Johnson is well known for his portrayal of Detective Curtis Lemansky on The Shield, Joseph Shaw on Cold Case, Detective Hamilton “Ham” Dewey on Saving Grace, Herman Kozik on Sons of Anarchy, Matt Webb on Prime Suspect, Tyler Gray on Burn Notice, and U.S. Marshal Max Clayton on Dexter. Not to mention being the human victim in the iconic opening of the first Blade movie! Kenny is everywhere!

And now he is on CinemaJaw to boot.


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