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Reviewed This Episode: Under The Skin, Captain America Winter Soldier
I for an I: Other Woman
Trivia: Father Movie Trivia
CinemaWAR: Which Movie should you show your kids first, Wizard of Oz or Star Wars?

Babies are tricky little buggers in life and in film. The latter tends to use the wee ones as a plot device, which given babies impact is largely forgivable. At their worst many of the so called “Baby Movies” have been some of the most terrible, cutesy, celluloid travesties of all time. However, at their best Baby Movies can be transcendent.


In celebration of Matt K’s most recent addition, Quinn, CinemaJaw is grabbing some diapers and a pacifier and covering their Top 5 Baby Movies!

In addition to additions we cover all the hits: I for an I, CinemaWAR, several reviews and another Matt Vs. Eliaz trivia bout (will Eliaz’s 6 and 0 undefeated record remain intact?). So let us swaddle you mentally, and rock you gently, and virtually. CinemaJaw is here so sing you a sweet sweet cellulullaby. Shhhhh… it’s ok.

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