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Reviewed this episode: Enough Said 
I for an I: The Councelor
Trivia: Horror Remake Movie Trivia
CinemaWAR: Zombies vs. Vampires


Special thanks to Reno for helping us record the Statesville  segments

This is Halloween!

Every twelve months, the leaves turn orange and begin to fall in little swirly whirlwinds. Cheap fire-resistant fake spiderwebs are strewn across the shrubbery, and plastic tombstones bemoan the passing of one Mr. Yule B. Heresoon. Temperatures vary by twenty degrees or more from day to day and you never know if you will need ski boots or flip flops. One thing is for certain… Halloween is approaching. The ghouls and goblins stir in their layers waiting for their annual chance to cry out for candy unnoticed. This is the time of year that Horror fans love so much, and yes that is how they would dress everyday, if only they could. Horror. Oh the Horror. If you’re not in heaven, you will be soon.

For our Halloween Special, Matt K and Ry The Movie Guy head out down a dark deserted road to an abominable attraction, Statesville Haunted Prison. There they are joined by John LaFlamboy. John is the director of the inmates who haunt the prison and creator of one of the most popular Halloween hot-spots in the nation. That is only the beginning, John is also a filmmaker who’s latest horror-comedy Moleman of Belmont Avenue has recently hit Netflix, and the leader of Zombie Army Productions. We celebrate the season, discuss horror, haunting business, and much more with John.


But there are more nails in our coffin lid! Matt and Ry put together a Top 5 Scariest Horror Locations list, review some flicks, have a CinemaWAR, play some trivia and barely escape with their lives intact.

Take a listen… it’s a SCREEEEEAM!

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