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Many of the most important moments in life happen over dinner. It is a time to gather as friends and family to simply be together. Bread is broken, announcements are made, fights are had and life is celebrated. Dinner is one of the finest moments in the day. Naturally film has reflected this. That is why this week on CinemaJaw we are taking a look at our top 5 dinner scenes from the movies.

Steve Grreen of #Foodiechats

We need an expert. Someone who knows how to talk about food. This is CinemaJaw… enter #foodiechats. Steve “Go” Green heads up a popular weekly hashtag chat on Twitter (#foodiechats, 7pm CST), that has snowballed into a social media empire. And who doesn’t love talking about food!? Nobody, thats who. So Steve joins us for the whole episode and lends his expert opinion.

In addition to that, we have a full menu of CinemaWAR, trivia, news and reviews and thats just the appetizers! Chew on it! Cheers.

CinemaWAR: Who has more box office mojo left, Nic Cage or John Cusack?
Trivia: World Movie Trivia
Reviewed this episode: Elysium, Planes, We’re the Millers

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