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Since the dawn of story telling, our stories have contained violence. It can be disgusting, it can be cathartic. It can carry great weight, or be completely gratuitous. One thing is for certain violence is deeply embedded in the human condition. Movies are no exception. Violent movies have been in the news since they began, many argue for and against it. It is a topic that can stir powerful emotions. That is why this week on CinemaJaw we take a look at our top 5 favorite violent movies!

Joining us is Musician, Actor and Improv-er Mike Monti. Mike is a good friend of the show, and he knows how to rough it up when necessary! He helps us choose our top 5 and also goes to-to-toe with our usual segments.


So take a listent o the latest ‘Jaw… or else… we don’t wanna have to get tough on ya!

CinemaWAR: Will Avatar be the next big series, or fail? 
I for an I: Kick-Ass 2
Trivia: Servant Movie trivia
Reviewed this episode: The Spectacular Now, 2 Guns, Spring Breakers

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