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This week CinemaJaw goes live, on location to bring you coverage of an amazing art opening that happens to be tied into an upcoming documentary film. We know… That sounds complicated, bear with us here, because this is a great episode!

Prof. John Otterbacher (who you may remember from his other appearances on CinemaJaw) is currently in the process of making a new documentary called “Officially Limited” that takes a look at licensed and unlicensed movie posters, the artist that make and print them, their process, the fans, and the whole industry that has sprung up around this phenomenon. Recently Professor O. had an event at Gallerie F here in Chicago to raise some money and awareness for not only the film  but this whole movie poster movement in pop art. He was kind enough to ask CinemaJaw to join him. In this episode, we interview the Galerie F owner, discuss Wreck-it Ralph with Jaw heads outside of The New 400 Theaters, and talk about our favorite movie vampires. All in less than an hour… Hang this episode on your wall, because THAT is an ART!

Also – This is Red Box Reno’s last episode as the official Producer of CinemaJaw. Reno is the best in the biz, and we have been so happy to have him for the past 3 years! Stay tuned for a  proper goodbye and news on who the next Engineer will be! (Yes we already have one!)

I for an I: Twilight Breaking Dawn pt2, Silver Linings Playbook
Reviewed This Episode: Wreck-it Ralph, Flight, The Raven
CinemaWAR: Will the new Star Wars films be cool, or worse than the Prequels?


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