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Within the Horror genre there is a character archetype that is consistent and riveting. The fem finale, the One-Who-Got-Away, the lone survivor, valued for their blood curdling  SCREAM! They are the Matriarchs of Mayhem… the Scream Queens! These are the women who defy the role of damsel in distress and often become the hero or the aggressor. They make it to the end of horror films whit their life intact and that alone makes them noteworthy. Some of the greatest actresses of all time have had this title, so we examine our top 5.

The guest this episode? None other than Professor John Otterbacher of  Tribeca Flashpoint Academy. Professor O. tells us about his new project documenting the interesting world of pop art movie posters for his upcoming film Officially Limited in addition to helping the boys with his own top 5 list of Scream Queens.  Its a scream!

I for an I: Paranormal Activiy 4
Reviewed This Episode: Argo, Hotel Transylvani, Pirates Band of Misfits, Chico & Rita
CinemaWAR: Which horror franchise would you rather be stuck in, Halloween or Friday the 13th?
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