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I’m gonna git you sucka!

This week on CinemaJaw we pull on our ski masks and suit up to take the movie law into our own hands as we cover Vigilante Movies! Closely related to (but ultimately separate from) the Revenge genre, Vigilante films are about a character or group of characters who decide to dish out their own brand of justice and it seems to be a dish best served with a knuckle sandwich on the side, this is some great violent stuff!

Have no fear, CinemaJaw is not one to be a Lone Ranger in these matters. We brought along some Southern vigilantism from Matt and Francesca Scalici of the hit Birmingham blog and popular podcast  series,! Not only are Matt and Francesca amazing film critics in their own right as individuals, they also throw down family style with the highly interesting “ride home from the theater” film couples podcast: Cinematrimony. In fact they have a great podcast and reviews blog network going on, and we highly encourage you to check it out. Or else we will be looking for you.

I for an I: Taken 2
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CinemaWAR: Michael Cera or Jesse Eisenberg: Who is the bigger film nerd?
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