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While you were sleeping…
20120522-101630.jpg Movies often surprise us (as good stories are designed to do), but not in the way we discuss in this episode. Today on CinemaJaw we talk Sleepers & Creepers. These are films that may or may not have done well at the box office, but regardless were way better than we expected them to be. These are the films that creeped up on us, you know, while we were sleeping.

Obviously, CinemaJaw needed a bit more that the usual dose of liquid courage to tackle this subject. So we called in the mix masters of “cinebriation”, Clint and Jared of drinking/movies podcast Alcohollywood! (Coincidentally Matt and Ry were just guests on Alcohollywood, talking Big Lebowski). Together this fearsome foursome tackle the topic, and quaff some beverages. Pop it open!

I for an I: MIB3
Reviewed This Episode: The Avengers, Pariah
CinemaWAR: Is Will Smith past his prime, or does he still have some box office mojo?
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